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Curriculum Vitae

School and University Years

2007-2008Supplemental Study: Pedagogical Management Consultation, Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena/ Germany
MA Studies: German as a Foreign Language (Major), Indo-European Linguistics (I. Minor), Oriental Philology (II. Minor), Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena/ Germany
PhD Studies: Historical-Comparative and Caucasian Linguistics: Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena/ Germany
1998-2001PhD Studies (Postgraduate): Caucasian and Oriental Philology, Tbilisi State University/ Georgia
1996-1998 MA Studies: Comparative Linguistics and Persian Literature, Tehran University/ Iran
1996-1998 MA Distance Study: Social Work, The Victoria University of Manchester/ UK
1991-1995 BA Studies: Persian and Arabic Philology, Shiraz University, College of Arts and Humanities, Shiraz/ Iran
Diploma of Iranian High-school in Persian Literature and Culture, High school Dr. Chamran, Shiraz/ Iran
1978–1982North Cheshire Jewish Primary School, Belfast/ Ireland


University Degrees and Academic Qualifications

07/2011Certificate of Proficiency in French, Haute école spécialisée de la Normandie, Rouen/ France
9/2008Certificate of Pedagogical Management Consultation, Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena/ Germany
08/2007Certificate: Internet and Teaching German as a Foreign Language, Goethe Institut, Dresden/ Germany
12/2006MA Degree: German as a Foreign Language (Major), Indo-European and Historical-Comparative Linguistics (I. Minor), Oriental Philology (II. Minor) Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena/ Germany
03/2006Certificate in Basics of University Didactics, University of Bern/ Switzerland
11/2004PhD (Dr. Phil) in Historical-Comparative Linguistics (Iranian, Semitic and Caucasian), Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena/ Germany

Certificate in Biblical Hebrew: Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena/ Germany
08/2004Translator Diploma for Persian, Arabic, Russian, English, and Georgian, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Erfurt/ Germany
07/2003 Certificate in Latin: Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena/ Germany
Certificate in Old Greek: Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena/ Germany
02/2001PhD (Kandidat Nauk) in Classical Philology and Caucasian Studies, Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia
05/2000Proficiency Certificate in Georgian and Russian Languages, Tbilisi State University/ Georgia
05/1998Master of Arts in Persian Philology and Comparative Literature: Tehran University
12/1998 Master in Social Work, The Victoria University of Manchester
Certificate of Proficiency in English, Council of Europe Level C2, University of Cambridge
Certificate of Completion of Ancient Languages: Old Greek and Syriac, University of Tehran
02/1995 Bachelor of Arts in Arabic and Persian Philology, Shiraz University, Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences


Employments & Teaching Experience

1993-1996Editor and coauthor for Commercial Journal of Persian Jewish Community in Tehran, Theatre Director of the Shiraz Jewish Community; Part-time Lecturer of English as a foreign language (EFL), University of Shiraz
1995-1998Part-time lecturer of Persian as a foreign language (EFL), Universities of Shiraz and Tehran; Author of the Student Organization of Jewish Community; Costumer Consulting, at Telecom, Tehran; Part-time City Guide for Iran Air Travel Agency, Tehran
1998-2000 Part-time lecturer for Persian and Arabic literature, Tbilisi State University/ Institute of Asian African Studies, Translation activities at the Department for Foreign Languages at the State University of Tbilisi, Georgia, City Head Tour for Summer School Students
2001-2004Part-time lecturer for Persian, Arabic, German, English and Georgian at Adult Education Centre (VHS); Part-time lecturer of Persian at the Friedrich-Schiller University; Interpreter and Translator for several NGOs and police administrations including Aliens Department in Germany, Translator in Travel Agency ‘Reiselanden’ Jena, Germany
2004–2010Lecturer (Sprachassistent) of Persian language and literature at the Institute for Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Lecturer of Historical-Comparative Linguistics, University of Bern, Switzerland
2007–2011Lecturer of German as a foreign language, Centre for Language Competence, University of Bern, Switzerland
Lecturer of German as a foreign language, Haute école spécialisée bernoise, University of Applied Sciences Bern, Switzerland
2005-presentTranslator of several NGOS, ai, Human Rights Watch and ICRC, Germany & Switzerland
2013-Lecturer (Lektor) of Persian at Orientalisches Seminair, University of Freiburg, Germany


Proficiency in Modern Languages

Knowledge of Classical/Ancient Languages

B1  Middle Egyptian
native fluency Kurdish (Sorani)B1
 Old/Biblical Hebrew
C2  Persian
mother tongue Old/Classical Georgian
Georgian C2
 Spanish A2 Old & Middle Persian (Pahlavi/Parthian)
              Germanbusiness fluency RussianC2  Sanskrit
      Syriac-Aramaic & Amharic (Geez)

        Computer Literacy                                                                           

         Proficient in: Microsoft Windows & Mac (all applications), Computational Linguistics: Corpus Linguistics, Software Development                                              

Selected Publications

 I.        Monographs

Monographs for Persian as a Foreign Language:

  1. Chrestomathy of Classical and Modern Persian Prose from 9th  to 21st  Century, with Biographical Surveys, Annotations and a Concise Persian-German Dictionary, Harrasowitz Publishing, Wiesbaden 2007 (New Edition 2009).
  2. Anthologia Persica, A Selection of Classical and Modern Persian Poetry from 9th  to 21st  Century, with Biographical Surveys, Annotations and a Concise Persian-German Dictionary, Logos Publishing, Berlin 2007 (New Edition 2009).
  3. Periodica Persica, Persian Newspaper and Scientific Reading, with Annotations, Exercises and Persian-German Glossary, Logos Publishing, Berlin 2007 (New Edition 2009).

Manuals for German as a Foreign and Second Language Acquisition:

  1. Intensive Grammar of German, Part 1 & 2 Publishing House of University of Bern 2007.
  2. German Conversation Textbook, Part 1 & 2, Publishing House of University of Bern 2007.
  3. German Grammar and Writing, Publishing House of University of Bern 2008.


Published Dissertation (Historical-Comparative Linguistics):

  • Georgica et Irano-Semitica, Studies on Iranian and Semitic Loanwords in Classical Georgian, Philological Approaches towards Historical-Comparative Linguistics, Deutscher Wissenschafts-Verlag (DWV) Baden-Baden 2009.


Published Monographs in Oriental Philology:

  1. Shota Rustaveli, Knight in the Panther’s Skin, A Georgian National Epic, Translation and Rendering, (Persian Title: Palangīnehpūš), Iran-Jam Publishing House, Tehran 1998.
  2.  One Thousand and One Georgian Proverbs, Bilingual, A Comparative Translation from Georgian, (Persian Title: Hezāro yek żarbolmasal-e gorǧī), Publication of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tehran 2000.


Published Monograph in Social Work:

Interaction of Religion, Morality and Social Work: Suggestions for Clinical Treatment, Based upon Empirical Research, Akademische Verlagsgemeinschaft (AVM), München 2010.



II.            Essays and Translation Works

  • The Points of Interfacing between Mysticism and Islamic Shari'a, A. T. University Journal, Tehran 1996.
  • Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Mysticism, Publishing House of A. T. University, Tehran 1997.
  •  Islamic Perceptions of Biblical Prophets, Hermes Publishers, Tehran 1997.
  •  Mandean Version of Rostam and Soharāb روایت ماندایی رستم و سهراب( Šāhnāmeh ), a Semiotic Approach, Faslname Honar, Tehran 1998.
  • The Wax and the Honey, (مومیا و عسل) A Hermeneutic Approach toward Modern Persian Novelettes, Evening Journal Shiraz 1998.
  • The Critic and the Reality (critique et verité) Roland Barthes, New Approaches (Translation), Sepehr Publishers, Tehran 1998.
  •  Language and Literature of Georgians, Afarinesh Publishing House, Tehran 1998.
  • Pictorial Curtains of the Darvish پرده های درویشی (Pardehāye Darvīšīī), Faslame Honar, Teheran 1998.
  •  Versification as Ideology: An Approach to Declaration of Ideological Point of View of the Persian Poet Nāṣer Ḫosrow, Tūs Publishing, Tehran 1998.
  • Sociology of Art and Management in Developing Countries, Faslname Honar Publishing, Tehran 1999.
  • Golden Age of Georgia, The Kartvelologists; Bulletin of Georgian Studies 7. Tbilisi, autumn 2000. 
  • Baha’ism and Shaykhism in Comparison, Religious Studies, California 2000.
  • Persian Terms in „The Knight in the Panther’s Skin“, Journal of Faculty of Philology, I. J. University, Tbilisi 2000.
  • Iranian Shi’ism and the Question Of Rising of Bahāʾīsm, Journal of Oriental Studies, California 2002.
  • Jean Grondin, From Heidegger to Gadamer, On the Path of Hermeneutics (Translation from German), Hermes Publishing Tehran 2003.
  • Secularisation of Islam in Central Asia: Ideological Rivalry and Religious Conflict in Central Asia (Russ: Секулярузм и ислам в Центральной Азии, Идеологическое соперничество и религиозные конфликты в Центральной Азии), Informatsioni Bulletin, Moscow № 13 2003.
  • The Names of Gemstones in Georgian Language, an Etymological Approach, Georgica, Konstanz 2004.
  • A Short Review about Historical Background of Jews in Persia, Journal of Bern University 2005.
  • A Short Chronology of Iranian Jews, Universität Bern, Institut für Islamwissenschaft, Bern 2005.
  • Sadegh Hedayat and Metamorphose of Modern Persian Literature, Fasname Honar, Tehran 2005.
  • Persian Writers and Persifying of Temporary Persian, An Approach to typological Analyse of Modern Persian Language Among the Iranian Novelists, SIAMAK, (Mazda Publishers), Los Angeles , CA 2005.
  • Compound Verbs in Persian Language (Fefe'l-e morakkab dar zabāne fārsīn-e fārsī), Name-ye Farhangestan, Teheran 2005.
  • Kitab Aqdas, The Holy Book of Bahāʿullāh, Rendering to Kai Bormann’s Book: Das Aqdas, Berlin 2006.
  • A Glossary of Persian Proverbs in Iranian Fairytales, Journal of Bern University 2006.
  • German Community and Iranian Identity, Pathology of Persian Language among the Iranian Emigrants in Germany, Publication of Directorate of Social Affairs and Overseas Iranian, Tehran 2006.
  • The Educational Situation of Iranian Jewish Minority before and after the Islamic Revolution in: Irano-Judaica, Hamburg 2008
  • Situation of Religious Minorities under the Islamic Republic of Iran, Case of Persian Jewish Community, in: Das Parlament, Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte, Halle, Germany 2008.
  •  Case of Religiosity among the Persian Religious Minorities in the Post Revolutionary Period of Iran, Cura Religionis, Bern 2008, pp. 65-79.
  • Mutual Impacts of Greek and Islamic Theological Thoughts in Classical Periods, Journal of Theological Interpretation XXII, Spring Winona Lake , (USA), 2008.
  • The Concept of Journey in Persian Mystical Prose, Scientific-Research Journal ‘Researches on Persian Language and Literature’ No. 14, Autumn, November 2009. Le concept d’amitié et d’animosité dans Kalila et Dimna, Bulletin d’études orientales, Institut français du Proche-Orient. Tome LVI,Janvier 2008. La révélation et l'inspiration religieuse, les débats dans la culture irano-islamique classique et la mystique orientale, Journal philosophique de l'industrie, des sciences, et des beaux arts, vol. 28, Paris 2009. L'impact d'Ibn Arabi sur le Mysticisme islamique, Faslnāmeh taḫaṣṣoṣī eslām-paūžhī, Teheran, Sommer 2009. The Principle of Similarity in Mysticism and the Simulation Theory in Psychology, Journal of Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, University of Tabriz, No. 45, Winter 2010. Sur les sources communes de la mystique juive et islamique: la Kabbale et le soufisme,Revue philosophique de Louvain, No.12, novembre 2010, Winter 2010.
  • Averroès et la problématique du palier herméneutique dans les sources islamiques, Bulletin d’études orientales, Institut français du Proche-Orient, Tome LVIII, mars 2010.
  • Sufi-Gemeinschaften in der modernen Ära, die soziopolitische Konnotation des Sufi-Ordens Naqšbandīya, ZfR Zeitschrift für Religionswissenschaft, Heft 10/1, 2011. diagonal-Verlag, Marburg 2011.
  • Tafsīr (l’interprétation) et Taʾwīl (l’herméneutique) dans l’histoire exégétique islamique chez Ibn ʿArabī et autres philosophes, Bulletin d’études orientales. Tome LVIV,Tome LVIV. années 2010-2011, septembre 2011.
  • Linguistic-Typological Approach towards the Mystical Works of ʿAyn al-Qużżāt Hamadani,The Quarterly Journal of Qom University,Winter 2012.
  • The Intuitive Knowledge in the Islamic Mysticism, Paǧuhešnāmeh ʿErfān, Vol. III, 4. Year. Vol. III, 4. Year, 2013,Teheran,Iran.
  • The Mysticism and the Music, Journal of Association of Islamic Mysticism of Iran, Volume 9, 2013 Teheran/Iran.
Online Publications and Internet Prints
October 1994 Judaism, Christianity and Islam in Sufi Image (Shiraz University, Faculty of Human Sciences, Iran).

May 1995 Backgrounds and Reasons of Battles in Historical Epics,(hiraz University, Faculty of Human Sciences, Iran).

September 1995 The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint Exupéry) and the Seven Spiritual Journeys (Philosophical Faculty of Shiraz University, Iran).

November 1996 Repentance (Tawba تُوبه) as a Universal Concept in Monolithic Religions (Philosophical Faculty of Allameh Tabatabai University, Tehran, Iran).

December 1996 The Semantics and Valences of the Term Islam from the Etymological Viewpoint, an Approach towards Historical-Comparative Linguistics (Philosophical Faculty of Allameh Tabatabai University, Tehran, Iran).

February 1997 The Golden Age of Georgian Literature and the Contribution of Persian World, lecture delivered on occasion of the 80th year’s jubilee of Tbilisi State University, hold at the Georgian Embassy in Tehran).

October 1998 Persian-Georgian Literature and Language Contacts from the Historical Viewpoint, (Philological Faculty of the Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia)

December 1998 Function of Wisdom Oriental Heroic Epics, A Philological Approach (Institute for Iranian Studies, Tbilisi, Georgia).

November 1999 Georgian and Persian Proverbs in Genetic and Areal Context, A Paramiological Approach, On Occasion of the 13th International Symposium of Iranian and Caucasian Studies (African Asian Institute Tbilissi, Georgia)

September 2000 Bilingualität und Semilingualität bei Kindern aus binationalen Ehen in Deutschland, Kulturzentrum Jena.

December 2001 Zu Aspekten der Glaubenspraxis bei muslimischen Jugendlichen en in Jena, FSU Jena, Theologische Fakultät.

October 2002 Antisemitismus oder Antijudaismus? Eine Studie zur islamischen und christlichen Judenfeindschaft in der Antike, Institut für Interkulturelle Kommunikation, Jena.

September 2003 Einführung in die iranisch-islamische Mystik, Kulturzentrum Jena.

June 2004 Jüdische Mystiker im Mittelalter und die jüdisch-islamischen Kulturbeziehungen im maurischen Spanien, VHS Jena.

April 2005 Georgica et Irano-Semitica, Studien zu den iranischen und semitischen Lehnwörtern im Georgischen, Berner Zirkelvortrag, Institut für Sprachwissenschaft der Universität Bern.

June 2005 Das maurische Spanien und die andalusischen Juden im Mittelalter, Jüdische Gemeinde Bern.

June 2006 Die Hochschulsituation im Iran am Beispiel der religiösen Minderheiten des Landes, Mitorganisator des Internationalen Symposiums für Menschenrechte, FSU Jena.

September 2006 Jüdische Bildung und Bildungsträger vor und nach der Islamischen Revolution, Irano-Judaica: Internationale Fachkonferenz über jüdisch-iranische Kulturbeziehungen, , Asien-Afrika Institut, Universität Hamburg.

July 2007 Step by Step towards meeting the God, Jewish Mysticism in the Middle Age and the Philosophy of Yehuda Ha-Levi, N.Y. Jewish Theological Seminary, Symposium: Jewish Thought, 07-12 July 2007, New York.

September 2007 Iranian und Semitic Loanwords in Caucasian Languages, An Interdisciplinary Linguistic Approach, ECIS 6, 6th European Conference of Iranian Studies, Austrian Academy of Science, Wien

July 2008 Bildung von Parallelgesellschaften in Zentraleuropa, Türken und andere muslimische Minderheiten in Deutschland und in der Schweiz, Forschungskolloquium, Institut für Anthropologie, Universität Bern.

May 2009 Conception of Religiosity among the Persian Jewish Community in Iran, Institut für katholische Theologie, Universität Bern, Schweiz.

November 2009 An Introduction to the Iranian Mysticism and its Judaeo-Christian Impacts, Centre for Iranian Studies, University of Tel-Aviv, Twelfth Annual Conference on Iranian Studies November 2009, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

June 2010 Multiethnizität und Multireligiosität in der Islamischen Republik Iran, Institut Islamwissenschaft und für Neuere Orientalische Philologie und Islamwissenschaft, Universität Bern, Schweiz.

February 2011 Orient Carpets on the Swiss Walls: Conversion to Islam among the Swiss Population of Young Generation, Bern Centre for Migration and Foreign Cultures, Bern, Schweiz.

October 2011 Lassen Sie doch unseren Glauben in Ruhe, Stimmen aus der muslimischen Schweiz, Kulturraum Bern, Schweiz.

September 2012 Das grünere Gras des muslimischen Nachbarn, zur Beliebtheit der islamischen Mystik in Europa, Kulturraum Bern, Schweiz.
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